Applying to college is one thing. Getting accepted into college is another thing. What to carry to classes, well that's a whole other ball game. Or maybe you don't have that problem, if so, props to you. I carry everything but the kitchen sink to classes, and I get it from my mother. But here are a few things that I have in my bag for college:

1. Bag.

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Okay, having a sturdy backpack, is the first thing on my list. If you are going to be carrying around textbooks, notebooks and anything else you need, I would invest in a good one.

2. Water bottle.

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Keeping hydrated is a must. Plus investing in a re-usable water bottle will definitely help you save extra money. Don't forget to pack it in your bag before you leave for classes and take a sip throughout the day.

3. Gum.

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Nobody likes bad breath. Nobody. So I always have a pack of gum ready to go.

4. Laptop.

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This is pretty self explanatory. I used to take notes in my notebook, but I switched to my laptop because it was so much easier and I could take notes down faster, plus have time to add in extra important information.

5. Stationary.

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I usually carry a pencil case full of pens, pencils, a sharpener, sticky notes, highlighters, ruler, and a permanent marker.

6. Phone.

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This is here because I usually call my mother in between classes. Oh, and seeing what's new on social media.

7. Earphones.

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I have 8:30 lectures, which I definitely did not choose. So, I put these in and use it as an excuse not to have a conversation with people. Basically, I am just looking out for everyone else, before they experience my wrath.

8. Food.

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Food is life. I am hungry twenty four seven, so I always have lunch plus extra snacks on hand.

9. Keys.

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Need to get into my house somehow, you know.

10. Perfume.

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I have this fear of meeting or talking to someone and I smell bad. I actually don't know how this fear came about, but it's very real to me. So I always have a can of deodorant with me. If I don't, I'm harassing my friends for some.

11. A book.

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You just never know when you'll have a few extra moments to read, whether it's in between classes, during classes, or on public transport to and from college, so I usually have a book on standby.

12. Moisturiser.

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I naturally have quite dry skin, so having moisturiser in my bag is a must.

13. Sunglasses.

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Weather can be so temperamental here in Australia, so these are handy. I also manage to store them all over the place, in my car, around my room/house, so regardless, I'll end up with them. Plus, they are also super handy if you are trying block out the haters.

14. Medicine.

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I like to keep the usual medicine in my bag. Aspirin, nausea, allergy, cough medicine. Plus, feminine products such as panty liners, pads and tampons.

15. Phone/Laptop Charger.

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There's nothing worse, than a flat phone, or laptop. Especially if you have classes all day, or an assessment due.

16. Wallet.

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I used to carry quite a big wallet, but I just found that with that came a room to store junk that I didn't need such as, receipts, membership cards that I never used and expired vouchers. So I opted for a smaller wallet. Not saying that you have to do the same.

17. Lip balm.

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Chapped lips. It's a no from me.

18. Tissues.

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College has good days and bad days and meltdowns are not fun. Tissues are always in my bag, just in case.

I hope this was helpful and enjoyable. I hope you have the best college experience.