A list of things that kept me going, through stress and anxiety, in September of 2017:

1. BOY CRUSHES!!!!! For the longest time, I didn't let myself have crushes, and after a bad break up, boys were hard to look at... but now I'm boy crazy, and it's fantastic. My current crushes are Adam Driver, Ezra Miller, Bill Skarsgard, Tom Glynn-Carney, and Harry Styles

2. Harry Styles. His music is still inspiring and lifting me up each day. He really means a lot to me

3. Doing well in AP BIO. The gratification of my hard work makes me super happy. I want to major in biology, so doing well now is essential. I'm regaining confidence through this class

4. My 20% Project. I'm teaching ballet classes to the sports teams at my school!! I'm so excited to share what I love. I'm teaching the freshman football team on october 6th!

5. My friend K. K has been supporting me a lot as of late, and I love being around her. We always eat pomegranates together, and I just bought three, so I'm hype.

6. My guy friend E. E brought me ice cream yesterday, and makes me feel good about myself. Maybe I just like the attention... either way, it works.

7. Becoming secretary for my school's Gay-Straight Alliance. I have given so much of my high school experience to this club, so I'm excited to have a leadership position my senior year.

That's about it... obviously there's so much more, but these are the standouts. I really need sleep. Anyway, let me know what you think!