One of the biggest problems in the world is stress, whether for work, study, social life, etc.
There are always ways to get it out and it works in different ways for each person so you can choose the best for you and try it out throughout the week, or your day or whenever you want.
1. Go to swimming
This activity is so relaxing, and helps you to mind.

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2. Go to camping
Just enjoy it with ur best briend or ur pet.

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3. Go on a walk alone
Probably this help you a lot, give you a time for to be alone.

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3. Cook your favourites recipes
Although you cook the most horrible, it will be relaxing for your brain, try not to burn the food.

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4. Go to shop
This is very common, but seriously help, buy anything clothes, books, records, flowers whatever you want

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5. Have a picnic with ur friends
Talk to them, and enjoy the moment.

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6. Do excercise
This helps to ur heart and lungs, is so important, it also takes away all the rage of the day

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7. Sing alone so loud
Your favourite song, anything.

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8. Dance with a friend like Meredith Grey
Just move your hips and jump or try to dance for real.

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9. Travel to a very remote place
Get away from the city and see the wonderful surroundings that surrounds you.

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10. Do yoga
Don't stay in bed, lazy.

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11. Leave your cell phone aside
This device creates more stress than you think.

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All the love
Allex 🌝