So many people ask me why I, a nineteen-year-old, nearly twenty-year-old, love Disney. For the longest time, I could never come up with an answer besides, “because it’s just awesome!” But it’s so much more than that. I have spent the last few months finding amazing qualities in Disney that I can’t help but constantly think about. Disney isn’t just some channel or movies for little kids. They hold so many lessons and so much magic that anyone can love.
I can’t help but marvel at the adventures in Disney movies. They hold so many lessons, and share encouragement, and help others focus on the important qualities in life. Still not following? Let me explain.

Pocahontas chose love, no matter the person, over killing others.

Mulan fought for what she believed in, even if she knew she would die because of it.

Belle stuck with what she believed in and didn’t change when others told her to and helped one many feared, as well as try to see the good in others.

Judy believed she could be anything and fought for that right until she got it.

Hercules chose the one he loved over a higher status.

Simba was told a lie and feared facing anyone, but in the end learned who he was and fought for what he believed in.

Prince Philip fought a horrible creature to save one he barely knew.

Pooh went on a dangerous adventure to find his best friend and in the end taught his friends valuable lessons.

Jim went after a treasure for his own selfishness but helped others with it in the end.

Milo saved a kingdom because he knew it was the right thing to do when he knew if he didn’t, he could have a portion of an amazing treasure.

Dory went on a dangerous adventure to help someone she didn’t even know find his son.

Tarzan fought for his family, even though he knew he wasn’t one of them.

If none of these show what we really need to possess as people, then I don’t know what does. Disney holds magical qualities this world has little of today. They take you on adventures and show you who you truly need to be. Sure there is always conflict in the movie, but in the end, the main character comes out stronger for it. That’s the life I want to live. I hope it’s the life you want to live as well.

“Forever and ever is a very long time, Pooh. But forever isn’t long at all when I’m with you.”

Be who you want to be. Let whatever inspires you to continue to inspire you, no matter what other people think. Live for love and hope and kindness and faith. Live like a Disney Princess.