Hi, my name's Uju and this account is all about school, studying and working. I made this to help other people find some motivation to work and put a bit more effort into getting the best out of their education.

About me

Well I'm 18 years old in my last year of A Levels. I'm studying Maths, Psychology and Chemistry. I'm not 100% sure of what university I want to go to but I'm not too worried. I absolutely love Psychology and hope to study it as a joint degree with business in University. I procrastinate a lot (lol, who doesn't) and I love to sleep, read and binge-watch my favourite shows.

About this account

Like I said before, I want this account to help anyone who stumbles upon it get some motivation to work. I'll post articles that give advice on school and how to study and revise for exams as well as giving helpful links and resources to make revising easier.

If you ever need school or even life advice I'm here to help in anyway I can :)

Have a great day x