Well,today we'll talk about these theme,so many Otakus or non-Otakus made this question,''how i can do a cheap and good cosplay?'',i'm here for that so don't worry,let's go (it's about to go go) XD

-Use what you have

-Search for easy and cheap characters

  • Ex-Misaki-Mei(Another):1= Black dress,surgery mask,gaze,makeup

2=Kazemaru(inazuma eleven):if you gonna make a feme version of this character you can use,short jeans,t-shirt and tennis

3:Aphrodi(Afuro terumi,inazuma eleven):White sweater,white shirt,white or jeans short,legging short inside the short,tennis

4-Sakuma Jirou(inazuma eleven):i don't found anything to made the Sakuma cosplay so i choose to use the uniform version;blue jeans(in my jeans,in my blue jeans(8),gray sweater,tennis

Some peoples says,''you need to use wigs and contact lens'',no you don't need,but if you want,no problem,you can paint your hair and use incredible makeups ;)

this is it guys,thank you