day 2 ) five problems with social media

i. the drama! now, i've never been in social media drama, honestly. so, i wouldn't know what this is like. but the ship feuds, show feuds, singer feuds, and just fandom feuds in general - are terrible!

ii. five year olds! when five year old act like they're all that w/ their ( omg don't even get me started!! ) and instagram, snapchat, etc. and when they're on all of these big social media platforms, acting like they're older than they actually are. personally, this is more a problem w/ the influence of other kids in school and related topics.

iii. the homophobic, racist, and more, people! when people are homophobic, racist, ableist, body shamers, and more. i hate these type of people. especially ones who think bisexuality is a phase, or use ' gay ' as an insult.

iv. i'm just going to off of @yvnglord / guccimann 's problems, because i do agree w/ them! prevents us from living in the present! i wasn't born in the 90s, but back then, i'm sure there was more fun, less phones, and definitely, less social media, - and more irl interactions. nowadays, we have our eyes glued to the screen of our phones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

v. unrealistic standards of beauty! there's a bunch of models, and beauty standards - that C A N be a bad influence and lead kids / children to bad things. some beauty standards are either, type one ; dark hair, full lips, hazel eyes, curvy or thick body, or type two ; blonde, skinny, white, long hair, and tall with blue eyes.

alright, that's it! until tomorrow!