1. Start the Day Right.
- Wake before dawn; take a morning walk, meditate or simply read an inspirational book.

2. Early, light dinner...
- Have you ever felt heavy in the morning ? Try having a lighter meal between 5-7PM. Let digesting take its course before you hit the hay!

3. Love your tongue!
- Start your morning by scraping your tongue. Undigested food particles, white coating, get rid of both! Your tongue and internal organs will thank you. :)

4. Move around :)
Your body needs to breath. Move around, try some yoga poses, breathing exercises and refuel you'd body's energy before that cup of caffeine.

  • Vegetarian Pizza doesn't count :)
  • Be wary of raw salads; sometimes those are even harder for your body to digest, try blanching your greens.

Try them out!
and keep on loving your body! Fill your mind with goodness and positive thoughts.