Every now and then I take the time to write out some of my random thoughts into a journal, and out of boredom I felt like sharing some.

Nov. 30 2016

I hope everyone gets the chance to go to an airport at least once in their life. That probably sounds odd but I quite enjoy them and would like to share that same joy. The thing I like most about being at an airport, besides the fact that it usually means you're travelling, is how raw and true everyone there is. Of course flying is stressful and there will always be a handful of rude people in your passing but for the most part, everyone is their true self. For starters, majority of people will travel without any makeup and in their most homeless, comfortable looking clothes. The airport is one of the only places you will see so many people going around without a care in the world about what they look like. I feel like in this state everyone.s true personality comes out. For the most part people are excited to be travelling so they're nice or they're so tired that artificial filter goes away. The people travelling in groups are usually either friends and/or family so they're comfortable being themselves and if not, you don't know anyone else so there's no one to impress. This being said, these encounters create the realest emotions. The goodbyes are some of the most sentimental, along with the hellos. The joy of travelling with someone you're close with easily shows. The tears, the kisses, the hugs, the smiles, are all so genuine. Airports give you the a different view on society because it just all seems so natural. You can see the people frantically running to catch their flight and you can see the multiple groups of people passed out in chairs. You get the shops, the cafes, the kid zones, the artwork, the whole environment gives you a little bit of everything. So yes, please go to an airport, even if you can only afford to fly to the next city over.