"I feel blessed"
Sorry, but that`s false. Cause i don't feel blessed, I AM blessed.

I am blessed with my family, they mean everything to me. I have everything I really need, because "all you need is love" and family is where love life start and love never ends.

I am blessed with friends, those who stays with you no matter what's going on, or no matter how separate you live each other or if you dont see each other for a while (& I mean months, including years). These friends are treasure.

Also, I am blessed with the gospel of Jesus-Christ, wich gives me the strenght enought to become a bit better everyday, this guide me to do the right every moment. I am blessed because it brings joy to my life, the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints brings joy to my life because of the truth wich is inside.

At least, i would like to say that I am blessed with the country where I live, because it is a country of liberty, and a country where I can find peace.