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It happened at twilight.
We were all gathered up in the park of our house, the whole pack and family and friends and allies. The balloons were floating in the late spring breeze, "Happy Birthday" written on them, pink cups and ribboned chairs everywhere and a cherry red 18 written on the cake. It was my birthday.
I was so happy: there were jokes and laughter everywhere, my mum glowing in her pearl dress, my dad happily toasting. And my Love smiling at me from the other side of the garden.
Everything was perfect.
Except for me, of course.
I was the high expectations: my dad was the Alpha of the pack, the boss, my mum was the leader of the females, the daughter of the previous alpha, and I was their only child, pure-bred, the closest to royal. Yet so wrong.
Because there wasn't a drop of Werewolf blood in my veins, not a single sip.
I can't tell which genetic accident occurred in my bones, but I happened to be just a plain human, no transformation, no full moon, no pack, nothing.
I've always said I didn't mind it, looking at all my friends' initiations from the back row, or never taste the freedom of running over the hills at night, or howl at the moon. I've always said I didn't mind but I lied. I lied all the times.
But I was still the best possible match, so I got betrothed to my father's best friend's son, a young and strong Werewolf, destined to be the next alpha.
And to tell the truth, I immediately fell for his old boots, for the veins running up his arms and how he always brought me roses on our dates, looking at me from under his messy hair. He was perfect and I promised myself I would have made a the perfect wife, and I was sure that our children would have been strong with werewolf blood. My life was completely sorted out and it felt to me like watching your favorite movie, the sweet comfort of knowing how it ends.
But on my 18th birthday's garden party everything got destroyed.
And it happened at twilight, when vampires are most strong.
I could still picture how I was smiling, opening old aunt Maggie's present, golden ribbons still tangled in my fingers, when everybody froze, their senses awakened. Everybody's but mine.
I looked around, wondering what was happening, when a growl rose from the bushes around our gathering.
-They're attacking! Stay down!- I heard someone scream.
All the smiles were gone from people's faces, replaced by grins and clenching teeth, the adrenaline of the hunt.
I threw a look at my fiance, and he glanced at me briefly before turning around to face the bushes, changing shape and size already.
-They're running east!- my father yelled, moving in front of the pack as the alpha he was -let's go get them!-
I knew he was talking about Vampires.
They were our only enemies, fighting a timeless war against us, with never-ending battles and victims from both sides. I had been brought up to hate them, and feared them, for the evil creatures they were, but as I was left behind in the middle of my pity party, together with aunt Maggie and the grannies, I wasn't afraid for my safety, what could they possibly want from a human like me? No, but I was afraid for my fiance's life.
And I was so naive.

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I was so naive.
I felt safe in my garden and I stood to take another drink, suddenly hating all the balloons and the decorations.
I was hoping for everybody to come back soon, but just a few moments later another noise form the bushes filled the air, and this time I heard it too. But it was coming from the wrong direction, right the opposite one, behind me.
I looked around scared, not sure what to expect, and there he was, walking slowly in his suit and tie, so proud like the monster he was. I could see cobwebs of veins in the purple circles underneath his pitch dark eyes, he was white as snow, a razor sharp smile aiming at me.
I felt a cold shiver over my spine as I took a few steps back, my heart was hammering against my ribs and echoing in my ears so loud I could barely stand. I randomly wondered for a second if he could ear it too.
The air stood still as we looked at each other, his gaze hypnotizing and terrifying, until he said: -Hello, beautiful -
I tried to run away, like the prey I was, adrenaline trying to save my life, but he didn't even need to hurry to catch me.
He grabbed my wrist in a few steps and I turned around to face him, still trying to escape.
-Let me go! Are you going to kill me?- the stupid question slipped its own through my lips.
He smiled his white teeth -Way better, wolf girl-
He pulled me closer to his chest of stone and leaned down to my collarbone. I felt as he bit me, as soft as if he kissed me. I think I screamed, because suddenly I could taste blood too, metallic like a coin in my mouth. But he placed a red kiss on my forehead and turned around without looking back, disappearing into the bushes and leaving me alone to my painful transformation.
Leaving me alone to my Werewolves family.

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-you're bleeding - my Fiance whispered as he found me, soon after the pack came back. He still had golden wolf eyes from the transformation and his yellow gaze wandered for a second through my neck to find the two little awful holes.
-please, my father...- I barely breathed.
- what did they do to you? I must hide you...-
And so he did, he hid me in his house and so in his room I screamed and I ached as the venom deadly filled each one of my cells, the pain filling each one my breath in a transformation that lasted years or centuries, I'm not sure, with him still kneeling down on the side of the room, helpless, a desperate look on his face.
After countless painful heartbeats and scratching of nails on the floor, the pain finally became tolerable, allowing me to think, and when the thirst was the only thing left, I found the strength to tell him: -you know what you have to do-
-I can't -
-if you won't, father will-
-he won't, he is your father -
He wanted me to meet my family.
-they won't recognize me- I didn't recognize myself: it was just a cold creature, the one looking at me from the mirror, white as snow and black eyed. Only living in the shadows.
I didn't recognize him either: his eyes and teeth, they never looked so sharp before, they never scared me like that, and even though his skin smelled like summer days, his gentle touch scorched my marble skin.
-They will want to meet you, sooner or later-
And he was right. When the rumor spread, my family asked to see their heir, or what was left of me.
But when I entered into my own living room, in my own house, it was not my dad that I was going to meet: it was the Alpha of the pack.
-father dear- I would have cried, if I could have.
My mother was faking strength on the side of the room, but her hands were shaking, everybody was wearing black.
-they have turned you into one of them- he said slowly. What a periphrasis.
-but I am still your daughter!-
He shook his head slowly -it doesn't fit to-
We paused and even the floating particles of dust stood still.
-you could....end the war...- I whispered.
In any other situation he would have laughed, but this time he only narrowed his eyes. And the air was suddenly silently filled with unsaid words and screams and "monster!" from both sides.
The silence was wounding me so deeply.
My father closed his eyes to the pain that my cold and thirsty presence caused him, and that's when I turned around and ran away, as fast as my poisoned foot could. Ran away somewhere else.

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I ran and ran. I left my house and my past life behind, nobody following me. I went through woods and fields and not a single paint slipped through my lips as my venom blood kept my muscles strong. I ran, hating my father, for loving his war more than how much he loved me, and hating myself.
I ran for hours, or days, and when I finally fell down on my knees I was lost in every possible way.
I leaned on a tree for a few seconds, fog clouds coming out of my mouth with each breath. I knew I had to get myself together, but an overwhelming rage rose through my limbs instead, and I found myself tearing the whole tree bark apart with my bare hands.
-Nice one, very dramatic, wolf girl.- I heard a teasing voice.
A shiver ran down my spine, as my senses recalled the last time I heard that voice.
I turned around to face him, for the second time in my life.
He was standing, his back on a tree, a relaxed look over his razor smile.
-You… destroyed my life- I whispered.
-Again, very dramatic.-
He was in a suit, tar black hair covering his crimson eyes.
-Why did you bite me?-
-Oh, nothing personal, it was Lady Celeste’s herself orders -
The Vampire took me to their castle.
I had no other place to go and I was taught my whole life to stay by my kin. And my kin now had bloody pupils and dead white skin.
Their home was dark and cold, all the windows facing north and thick velvet curtains keeping sun rays away.
I knew Lady Celeste was their queen and I thought it was just a legend that she never left the safe rooms of her castle, trapped in her old, young looking body. But when I stood at her presence, I couldn't help but stare how she looked like she was a bit more than ten, in her velvet ball gown dress, heavy and baroque, except for her eyes, those eyes looked like they had been watching centuries go by.
- it took you forever, I almost thought your father decided to keep you- she whined, with gloves and ribbons and sharp canines. I was dazed, she was pretty like a doll, a lethal ornament, in the dim light of the library.
Her husband was sitting on her left, apathetically reading a book, as if he was alone in the room.
-Welcome to the Family, sweetheart. So do you like your new girlfriend, Teho?- she asked the monster who bite me, taking a sip of a dark red liquid from her teacup.
-I am nobody's girlfriend - I said, like the child father kept on saying I was.
-oh, you and that wolf cub, you mean?- she giggled, hiding her mouth behind her handkerchief -well, just give it some time, he will find another stinky wolf fiancè, and what's the's better a broken heart than a broken neck, isn't it, my dearest? I saved your life: you have a whole eternity now and I wanted a baby daughter so much!- she smiled sharply.
And I just stood, contemplating the whim of their girl queen that was my life.

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