Hello my daisies! i hope you are all well and today i'll provide you a list of things that i'm grateful for, recently i've been feeling kinda lost and i'm just trying to understand the purpose and place of people and things in my life and reflecting on my life and choices i've made or will be making , trying to take in everything slowly and calmly .. i feel like i'm being seen as "sad" or people probably think i'm depressed. In actual fact, its neither of those, im just soul searching .. lost but not completely lost so thats okay and i can proudly say i dont think its a bad thing;) .


1 All animals , plants and all things nature .
2 The air that enters my lungs
3 My ability to move, read, write , paint , smell , hear, think and speak
4 People i have met, or the ones who i've stumbled upon through my journey no matter if it was good or bad
5 All of the people who hurt me and all those who were good to me
6 Thankful for every single situation or difficulty i faced and every pain i felt
7 All positive influences and things surrounding me
8 sunshine and rainy days too
9 tweezers because lord knows that i wouldn't be able wax my eyebrows
10 every single memory , even the ones i dont remember .

that is all for today , thank you my rosebuds for joining me today!
much love


Tartar .