yo0ngguk introduces "SHT I LISTEN TO"
The first arti- okay stop

You want good kpop songs. You're in the right place
Quieres canciones buenas de kpop. Estás en el lugar indicado

here are some of my favs ☟

And july - HEIZE ft. Dean & Dj Friz
ANTI - Zico ft. G.Soul
Blind - Monsta X
Critical beauty - Pentagon
Falling in love - 2NE1
Love me love me - Winner
Puzzle - C Jamm, BewhY
The stars - Bts
Gucci - Jessi
Yamazaki - Bang yongguk
Fire - Mad clown
0 (YOUNG) - Giriboy, Mad clown, Jooyoung
Walking - Suran
1.2.3 - B.I.G
365 Fresh - Triple H
Cider - Yezi
Again - Astro
BINGO - 24k
Camo - BoA
Easy Love - SF9
Full house - MOBB
Crazy - 4minute
Yesterday. Toy - Block b
Hobgoblin - CLC
Hot pink - exid
I like that - SISTAR
Love city - 9MUSES
Love is - Teen top
The real - N.Flying
Rhythm ta - Ikon
Sorry - The rose
Star - Boyfriend
The one - HENRY
That good good - LuHan
Shame - Gaeko

and that's it 😂 there are A LOT i know. But some of this are songs that people usually don't listen to (? and i put them cause idk who knows if you might end up in love with one 🤷🏻‍♀️ discover new worlds is a good idea sometimes. Ah hope you like it 💗 and i hope you listen to this songs. Have a good day!
❪btw sorry for my english❫

yyy eso es todo! son muchas lo sé 😂. Algunas de estas son canciones que la gente no escucha :( o bueno no mucho que yo sepa, y las quise poner porque no se, quién sabe si terminas enamorándote de una 🤷🏻‍♀️ además, así descubres nuevos mundos. Ah espero que les guste 💗 y espero que las escuchen. Byeee!