Hello everyone ! Today I'm talking about tv shows. Like I always say, English is not my first language so I hope it won't stop you from reading it.

1. Favorite tv show


quotes and sense8 image quotes, drugs, and escape image dog, quotes, and love image flip-flop, lito, and hernando image

2. Tv show that you're ashamed to admit you watch

None I think.

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3. Favorite character of a tv show

Sun Bak (Sense8)

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4. Tv show that you thought you wouldn't like and in the end, you liked

Black Mirror
Episodes are hard but I really like the message behind any of them.

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5. Character of a tv show that you don't like

Whispers (sense8)

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6. Tv show in which you would live


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7. Tv show of your childhood

Kyle XY

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8. Crush of a tv show

Wolfgang Bogdanow (Sense8)

sense8 image wolfgang and sense8 image Mature image emotion, faith, and original image wolfgang, max riemelt, and sense8 image sense8, wolfgang, and max riemelt image

9. Favorite music from a tv show

Sigur Rós – Dauðalogn (Sense8)

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10. If you could be any character on a tv show, who would it be?

Melinda Gordon (Ghost Whisperer)

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11. Favorite pictures from tv shows

sense8 image
shadowhunters and matthew daddario image

12. Which tv show do you think is most overrated?

Pretty Little Liars
Everyone says nothing but good and I was disappointed when I started watch it.

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13. Favorite antagonistic character of a tv show

Jonathan-Christopher Morgenstern (Shadowhunters)

will tudor image Hot, sebastian verlac, and shadowhunters image shadowhunters and will tudor image sebastian verlac, jonathan morgenster, and shadowhunters image

14. Tv show that everyone likes but you don’t

Game of Throne, Walking Dead…
This is not that I don't like these tv shows, it's just that I don't want to watch them because I'm afraid they're overrated...

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15. The best end of a tv show

In fact, I'm waiting for the final episode. But I'm sure it's gonna be the best end for a tv show ever.

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16. The best pilot of a tv show


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17. Have you seen a tv show several times?

Yes, absolutely.

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18. Tv shows that you need to see

Stranger Things

stranger things, theme, and eleven image stranger things, quotes, and mike image stranger things, sad, and quotes image Abusive image

19. Favorite relationship

Magnus & Alec (Malec | Shadowhunters)

maleç, shadowhunters, and alec lightwood image maleç, shadowhunters, and kiss image maleç, shadowhunters, and magnus bane image feels, cute, and love image

20. Best opening

Prison Break

prison break, faith, and michael scofield image prison break, wentworth miller, and michael scofield image wentworth miller, prison break, and michael scofield image prison break, michael scofield, and lincoln burrows image