Hi, everyone!

I love old movies since I was a kid and my father put Laurel & Hardy to me and my brother to watch. We had laugh a lot and it's part of my childhood. So, when I grew up I watch 12 Angry Men and guess what? I fell in love! So, practilly, old movies is kind part of me and I wanna give you 5 reasons to why you should watch them!

1. There are no explicit scenes
Ok, maybe there's some. But, I believe that films doesn't need adult scenes to be good. In 20th century things was different and some things it couldn't be exposed. To me, that's a great reason

2. You learn the customs and difficulties of an era
I learn a lot about the || World War inside and out the battlegrouds. Not only that, their customs was different. the filmmakers passed on their films the portrait of their times. Every idea of society, family, job, and education was different.

3. The clothes!
Like I said before, everything was different, including clothing! Some I love and some I definetly wouldn't wear, but it's gorgeus.

4. The scripts are fascinating
I've watched so many good films that impress me, really. And it doesn't need any special effects to enjoy.

5. Don't think that just because they are "old" and in black and white it's not worth it.
I watch some that is terrible and some that makes me want to live inside the screens. Believe me, there's great movies expecting you to watch them!

It's nice to remember that I watch current movies as well and love it. But my favorites are the oldies one :)

Thanks for reading! <3
(sorry for any grammatical errors, english isn't my native language)