1. “Sugar, Spice…and more spice,”

2.”Trick or treat yo Self,”


4.“I do not take Halloween too seriously,”

5. “Ugly Fall Sweaters!”

6. “Do you think it would be acceptable to jump into a pile of leaves right now?” “It’s always acceptable,”

7. “Cocoa, a warm blanket - what else do I need?”

8. “Tea is way better than cocoa,”

9. “Get the blankets, we’re going star gazing!”

10. “Cocoa is way better than tea,”

11. ‘I think I need to put on a few more sweaters,”

12. “Is fall supposed to be this cold?”

13. “Okay, but how about Pumpkin spice lattes,”

14. ‘Pumpkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins!”

15. “It’s beautiful outside,”

16. “My lips are always black in October,”

17. “It’s just unfair to carve your pumpkin on both sides! It’s cheating!” “It’s creativity, you should try it.”

18. “Do you think this sweater is too big?”

19. “Quick! Fix my pixie wings before anyone notices they’re not even,”

20. “Yes, we are wearing matching costumes,” + “Don’t we look cute together?”

21. “My true soulmate: Autumn,”

22. ‘Excuse me? My decorations are not excessive,”

23. “What? I’m not a Witch? Who told you that?”

24. “My famous recipe, White Chocolate Pumpkin, with a dash of bats’ wings,” ‘Really?!?” “Nah, just some cinnamon,”

25. “Cuddle with me so i can get warm,”

26. “I made four different types of soup. Is that obsessive?”

27. “I’m not a witch! Just a kind of bitch,”

28. “Honey, I’m all Pumpkin Spice lattes and plastic bats,”

29. “If you say Halloween one more time-” “You’ll kiss me,”

30. “Are you telling me I have an obsession with pumpkins?”

31. “Your costume is unacceptable,”

32. “Let’s go outside, have some fun, play in the leaves, maybe, but probably just come right in for tea,”

33. “Is there Pumpkin spice tea a thing?”

34. “Don’t ask how much i spent on my costume, just appreciate it,”

35. “I think my fangs are coming loose,”

36. “Join me for some cocoa, please?”

37. “The leaves are the color of your hair,”

38. “Gimme all the Pumpkin spice or else you’ll have a very unhappy person on your hands,”

39. ‘Now, are you going to join me in the 24-hour horror movie marathon? It’s only five hours in,”

40. “Demon!” - “No, just some damn good contacts,”

41. “Leaf me to my business!”

42. “Get the flashlight! We’re telling spooky stories!”

43. “Orange isn’t just for Weasleys, ya know.”

44. “There’s a leaf in your hair,”

45. “My pumpkin looks way better than yours,”

46. “Winter is coming,” “Oh shut up! It’s not even Halloween yet,”

47. “You don’t carve Pumpkins for Halloween?!?”

48.“I’m so happy for Autumn,”

49. “At least i’m cozy now,”

50. “I love you almost as much as i love Autumn,”

51. “i love you almost as much as i love Halloween/day of the dead/Autumn/Fall” (Choose one, or more,)

52. “OoOO, spooky,”

53. “#Thisismyseasondon’ttakeitawayfromme”