Kardashian. When you say this name everybody knows who you are refering to. Literally everbody.
Nowadays all the girls want to look like them. They see Kylie as the epitome of beauty. That’s not a problem because everybody beautiful on their own way. You read that right. Everybody. You too. So why would young girls want to look like her, like them? In no time there will be Kardashian clones everywhere you look.
And it’s sad.
What happened to uniqueness? Why can’t the girls embrace their beauty? They use make up because it covers up the so called imperfections. For example, what happened to freckles? I always loved them on girls, but now I can’t see any.
Instead, now everybody want full lips. Because that’s sexy, they even made lipsticks for their followers. You know what? Freckles are sexy.
What happened to small boobs? Now you’re ashamed of them, because it’s told that they are not sexy. It’s told that no man will find small tits sexy. Guess what. It’s not true. There are men who loves them. There are men who will be attracted to you, and not only to your sizes. Small boobs are sexy.
Real is sexy.
Wear the clothes you want, those that you’re comfortable in. Not only those skin-tight dresses you can see them wearing.
Don’t be afraid to wear what you want, to be who you really are. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Be unique, and not somebody’s copy.