hey you,

so as you can probably tell from the title - this is my very first article!! I am really excited, i love writing and i love telling stories, but i am more kind of a shy Person in real life and that`s the reason i wanted to start this blog, so i could just write the things down that come to my mind and that i want to share with other people.
So i don`t know if anyone will ever read this, but if - here are just a few facts about me, so you can get to know me a bit better:

- i am 17 years old and i am going to highschool.

-i love Music, basically every kind of Music, it gives me the Feeling of beeing home even if i`m not. My favourite singers at the Moment are ed sheeran, troye sivan, niall horan and so many more (would be too much to write them all down now haha :D )

-i love dancing, i started about 8 years ago, so i haven`t been dancing all my live, but since it is "just" a hobby i really love it anyways :)

-i love dogs, actually i love animals in general but dogs are my absolute faves ♥️. I have a dog, she`s a mini-maltese (a very tiny super cute breed) and i love her more than anything♥️♥️.

So these were just a few, but important facts about me (the article got longer than i expected haha). If you read this far i really hope you enjoyed it and i really really eppreciate it!!
If you have some further questions i would love to answer them, or you could tell me a bit about you - anything you want, i`d love hearing from you ♥️♥️

xx amy.