Hi there, thank you for checking my first article out 😊 Here's a list I devote to the women who somehow make me feel inspired, and even prouder to be a strong female like them! (unfortunatley I couldn't list my mom here, but she'd be on it too of course♡)

1. Kate Winslet

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Not only her beauty is captivating, her speech is too. Kate's intelligent, funny and just a wonderfully humble person. And even after all these years in the spotlight, she's never lost herself in the chaos. I feel like she is the mother of Hollywood, if you know what I mean. I've admired her since my teenage days! There's just something so generous about this woman, what a classy lady.

2. Drew Blythe Barrymore

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Even though she's quiet sometimes, she has such a smart and unique mind of her own. Drew has grown to become a beautfiul flower. She appreciates life and is a very kind, loving woman who's confident and happy now. I guess she finally found the peace she seeked.

3. Miley Ray Cyrus

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Known for her wild and loud past, but she still stayed true to herself and never regretted anything of it. That's what I always loved about her. Smiley Miley has been one of my favourite girls since I was little, and she never disappointed me with her honest nature.

4. P!NK - Alecia Beth Moore

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Another woman who's stayed true to herself! Alecia's loud, strong-willed, open-minded and will not back down. She doesn't care about other people's opinions on her and that what makes her such a marvelous role model for younger people. I respect her a lot.
Also, she doesn't look the way society wants us to, and I love it!

5. Lana Del Rey - Elizabeth Woolridge Grant

lana alternative lana lana

Elizabeth is just extraordinary, no one can deny this! From her personality to her dreamy music, she's different. To most she seems unusual, but that's exactly what I love about her. She's not shallow! Every time you look at her it's like she's experiencing another dimension.
Even though we don't hear her talk very often in interviews, you can tell that she still likes to share her thoughts & views on the world. For me this gorgeous woman is 'Art'.

6. Selena Quintanilla-Pérez

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Oh Selena, I'm sorry that you had to leave this world at such a young age! But she really was one of a kind! I've never seen someone with such a warm & kind Aura, everyone says they loved being around her positive personality, and I bet they did. She was fun-loving, had a great sense of humor and just genuinely loved people. She is what I really define as a 'Star' (she could have kicked anyone from today off the charts) Her music made history and its become a big deal for the Latin Community.
You were amazing girl! xx

Three honorable mentions:
I'm just naming women here who's personalities I haven't explored much or somehow stopped researching, but from what I know still love them!

Diana Frances Mountbatten-Windsor

lady di, lady diana, and princess diana image

I've never known much of Diana's life until I recently watched her Documentary this year. Of course I knew who she was, but not the way she used to be. And let me tell you, all good people apparentley really do die too young. She was a magnificent human being, who was in love with life, the people surrounding her and her dear children! Diana was a wonderful mother who would do anything for her babies. William said she was very cheeky. And I adore how free-spirited she lived, even though that's not what she really was.

Amelia Mary Earhart

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A few years ago I stopped studying Amelia's story, but I have never lost interest in her. I have a big spot for people who stand up against stupid rules and do their own damn fucking thing, and that's what she did. She defied traditional gender roles from a young age. She proved men back then wrong and inspiried women to do the same!
read her interesting story in this well written article-> http://www.history.com/topics/amelia-earhart

Anne Marie Frank

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I hope we all know what an incredible, brave & mature girl Anne was! Even though she was so young, she was very wise beyond her age, and knew a lot about life and it's obstacles. After all she went through and witnessed, she still believed deep down people were kind at heart & that she doesn't think about all the misery but rather about the beauty that still exists. If you haven't read her Diary, you definitley should. It makes my guts ache that she didn't survive..

So, these were some of my inspirations and favourite girls. They all have a special place in my life & they're all brilliant in their very own ways.

*PS:* They're not in a specific order :)