I am a procrastinator and, if there was a masterclass I would be excellent in, it would be making up excuses for not doing stuff. After a while I feel bad about it, especially if in the end I get to have very little time to perform all my tasks. We all know that little time implies little amount of care put into chores. Even if you start cooking at midnight, that may not dramatically influence the quality of your lunchbox , but there are things way more important than that.

Don't misunderstand me, I love food.

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Still, I'll never be able to do THAT

Thinking that there will be plenty of time to do homework, workout, reading or anything that regards yourself in the end will affect the time that you spend with others. Maybe you'll be too tired to hang out with your friends or you'll be anxious or nervous for all the things left to do and you won't pay attention to the conversation.

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If you can't find the strenght to do something, if you think you'd rather sleep the afternoon away (I do that all the time), think about the time you can use to make someone happy, never a time wasted. You'll find out you have plenty of it, if you scroll off the laziness and complete the to-do list of the day as fast as possible!

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