Hi friends!!
Fall is my favorite time of year (also christmas) so i want to share some clothes and where to get them.
I hope you like it ♥ ♥ ♥

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1- Crop Tops: My favorite is the second one. But they are both great. (you can buy first from Bershka and second from H&M)
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2- Skirts: Skirt is my favorite!! I can wear it all the time but they are literally made for fall. (first from Bershka and second from Mango)
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3- Dresses: I prefer wear dresses in summer but i can wear them because they are so cute! (first from Mango second from Bershka)
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4- Cardigans: They are the best! Because they are so beautiful. (i found them on the internet so i don't know where to get them, sorry)
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5-Boots: (i found first one from the internet but second boots from Pull&Bear)
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6-Outfit Ideas
eyes beauty
7- Makeup

Thanks for reading! See you in next time ♥