I might not be the most interesting person but I have been trying to live as happy and work as hard as ever. I'm trying to CONQUER LIFE. Who's with me!? Without further ado, here are my tips on how to have a successful day:

1. Start your morning with a cup of coffee or a smoothie.

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I have realized that drinking a cup of coffee helps boost my mood and my productivity to an amazing level (even though scientists don't recommend it. bullshit haha) (lol jk I love scientists)

2. Watch some motivational videos

Because they do inspire. Here are some of my favorites:

3. Make a To Do list

Write everything you need to do that day and start working on it. You'll feel so fulfilled if you finish everything, trust me.

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4. Do something you love

If you are in university or school, most of your to do list will probably consist of homework but do something for your self aswell. Yoga, writing articles, singing practice, dancing practice, whatever you desire!

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5. Step out of your comfort zone

I know it's hard but little steps make a road too. So whenever possible, try new things, if you used to be too shy to say something to someone, now's your time. Shine.

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6. Keep your head high and smile!

If you start your day with a smile and if you say to yourself 'it's going to be a good day' it will probably be a very good day. Remember it.

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