We need both, but in all problems there must be a problem to give up. The problem here is love and careers. I think it’s just a matter of setting the time for love and attention to be in harmony and mutual understanding, without any ties. Love has to give time to a career, and careers must have time to make room for love.

No doubt at the age of 21 the role of love is more active than career, it seems that love is more glorified and highly respected than his career. But when love is no longer sustainable? Separation will definitely happen and career? Already isolated, due to individual negligence. For that we need balance in love and attention at age 21. Do not just feel happy and lulled for a moment.


Failure of love is the root cause of one’s despair because of a broken heart and stress and then escape by drinking alcohol, or drugs. For those who have not been strong finally end his life. This problem is common in society, no longer a secret. Love is like a sword, not careful will hurt.