hey! this challenge is all about you. what are your favorite things?

i'll start off by showing you my favorites!


friends, monica, and rachel image
90's - because of the fashion. the people. the music. wow.
gif, The Breakfast Club, and Breakfast Club image
80's - everything about this decade is perfect. the movies, the clothes, the music - i love it.


dead, the walking dead, and black and white image
Eugene, noah, and tara image
gif, andrew lincoln, and steven yeun image
the walking dead - favorite characters: carol, daryl, glenn
gif, f r i e n d s, and f.r.i.e.n.d.s image
chandler bing, gif, and guys image
break, friends funny, and dr house image
friends - favorite characters: i love them all, but chandler and ross
Image by Carpe Diem
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
amazing, freak show, and murderer image
evan peters, murder house, and ahs image
american horror story - favorite season: murder house


gif, horror, and movie image
black and white, scream, and gif image
article and saw image
HORROR - all the way.


chocolate, food, and cake image chocolate, healthy, and vegan image baking, chocolate, and dessert image cake, chocolate, and food image
chocolate, always chocolate


coldplay, song, and chainsmokers image
the chainsmokers
gif image
the neighbourhood
couple, gif, and selena gomez image
the weeknd


fashion, outfit, and style image girl, makeup, and tumblr image vans, jeans, and style image fashion, adidas, and style image
mostly just vans/adidas with a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. and a cap.

soo, these were some of my favorites. do you have any? let me know! attn; this list might be updated.

make sure to follow my collections for more of my likes! thank you for reading! xx