Well depression is a subject, about what nobody discuss like in café or just when you walk home. It´s only your thoughts when you are alone, or with friends, but you know it´s our thoughts still and allways ..

I am so sorry but I don´t have medicine for it.. nobody.
Doctors can say your diagnosis, but you already knew it.

When you know , that you have depression?

anorexia, anxiety, and bipolar image

Just answer my 3 questions :

Are you feeling alone when you are with your friends?

Are you feeling sad, when everybody around you is happy?

Are you crying in middle of day, in middle of class or in middle of hangouts?

When you say not, in some question, the answer about your diagnosis is : You are just alone or sad. But I know that feeling is horrible.But it´s still better then be in depression. Trust me it´s not good..

When you answer Yes for every question, please search for good friend / therapist. And please don´t hurt yourself..

Still you can sand me message and I would help you, when I would know how.

There is any knowhow for depression...
-Lady GAGA

This world is just really fast for us. Nobody ask, becouse they don´t want have more problems, like they have.

Bye for now Mona