Hello guys, Im back making another article. I hope you like it ;)

Today I just sat in the table while having breakfast and I was just thinking about my life and the heading that I want to give to it, and I caught myself thinking abut my friendship's and the fact that Im so different from them and how much my personality disorder can affect the way I interact with them.

Possibly Im not the only one to think this way and after overthinking this all over again I got to the conclusion that I don't care if my friends smoke weed or are with a different boy every day or week, the most important thing is what they do for me and for our friendship

Never let anyone tell you that you are this or that because you hang out with a certain type of people, the "tell me with who you walk and I will tell you who you are" is a lie, you can hang out with a bunch of drunk people and not be drunk too.

Of course is important to pay attention to who we hang out with, but the main point is, if they are GOOD FOR YOU, no matter what they do to themselves, just never forget who YOU ARE and what YOU WANT.

If it ever happens to you meeting someone who you think you can't identify with maybe is good if you give them a chance to get to know them better, it can turn out something really cool or something really bad, but if it turns out wrong don't see that as a waist of time, we all have something to learn with everything, so take your lesson from that and move on. Tears, heartbreak, sadness and all those less friendly feelings are part of life.

Spread positivity and love, life is too short to be sad 24/7 but sometimes is good to be sad too.

I love you and Im sure much more people do too