Hi guys! How are you? Hope you're fine. So I will tell you some of my favourite movies, those who changed my life. Enjoy!

Best, black, and cooper image

When it came out, I never wanted to see it. I don't know why. And I finally see it. I had no words after that. Since this movie I never watch at stars in the same way. I do astrophysic when I have time, and I can watch stars for hours. I read everythings I can find on blackholes.
It's just an amazing movie, so powerful. Everythings is great, the actors, the photography, the science, the story, the meaning. You really need to see it.

brave, roman, and film image

This is one of the movies who gave me the idea to work as an assistant director or in the cinema.

emma stone, ryan gosling, and love image
Lala Land

This movie make me dream. Not of love, not of Hollywood. It makes me dream about life, about my futur. I'm in love with this movie.

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The Hobbit

My sister grew with the lords of the rings, I grew with the Hobbit. I can watch it a millions times, I will always love it. Between us it's forever. I've seen it probably more than 20 times.
It gave me the idea to work in cinema, before Gladiator.

I have so many others favourites movies like Star Wars, Gatsby, Harry Potter, James Bond, Narnia, Marvel, and more.
I am sorry if I make english mistakes, but I am french and I'm learning english! If you see mistakes tell me please!