Maybe you have noticed that in the booklets of Taylor's albums are messages hidden which can tell a lot more about the song as the lyrics do.
Here's the list for the songs of the album Fearless (2008).

Image by Silvermist

1. Fearless

- I loved you before I met you

2. Fifteen

- I cried while recording this

3. Love Story

- Someday I'll find this

4. Hey Stephen

- Love and theft

5. White Horse

- All I ever wanted was the truth

6. You Belong With Me

- Love is blind so you couldn't see me

7. Breathe

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry

8. Tell Me Why

- Guess I was fooled by your smile

9. You're Not Sorry

- She can have you

10. The Way I Loved You

- We can't go back

11. Forever And Always

- If you play these games we're both going to lose

12. The Best Day

- God bless Andrea Swift

13. Change

- You made things change for me

So...that's for today. I hope you liked sneaking into Taylor's mind :D