Hey, guys. Today I'm writing about some underrated artists, musicians, and bands that I frequently listen to. I only added young, and aspiring artists, because i feel like they deserve it the most. This list is not going to include big indie/alternative artists because they actually get a lot of attention. This list is just based on what I personally listen to, and they need less than 500 000 followers on Spotify and Instagram to be qualified.
let`s begin!

1. Billie Eilish
indie pop
Okay, this girl has gotten some attention lately, but not enough. She is only 15 years old, yet she is more talented than most artists out there! Her EP called "don`t smile at me` came out this summer, and I`ve listened to it on repeat numerous of times. If you haven`t heard of her, please check her out!

billie eilish is similar to lauv, lorde and ella vos

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2. Declan McKenna
indie pop/rock
Declan is so talented, and he sings about REAL FUCKING ISSUES, not just about having sex and partying around. Please listen to him, you won`t regret it.

declan mckenna is similar to jake bugg, vant and catfish and the bottlemen

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3. Zella Day
indie pop
Definitely an underrated artist. I`m expecting some new music from her soon!

zella is similar to lana del rey, ryn weaver and misterwives.

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4. Keaton Henson
classical / indie folk

Keaton Henson is a British singer, with some very relaxing tunes. Check him out if you enjoy the piano, or just something slower.

keaton henson is similar to agnes obel, ry x and ben howard

beard and keaton henson image

5. Beach fossils
indie rock/ psychedelic

Beach fossils is a band from Brooklyn, New York. Personally, I feel like Beach Fossils is similar to Tame Impala, just a bit slower and downbeat. If you like lo/fi or just psychedelic, I would really recommend them.

beach fossils are similar to beach house, washed out and mac demarco

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Talk to you guys later!

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