Things I want to do before I die

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Go to Rome one more time
♡ See the northern lights in Tromsø, Norway
Sleep outside on a night with stars
♡ Visit Palm Beach, Australia
Meet with a psycic
♡ Learn how to drive
Buy my own home
♡ Attach a lock on a famous bridge and throw the key in the river (with someone I love)
Get married
♡ Take a trip to another country all by myself
Go to concerts once year
♡ Work as a volunteer with pets or orphan kids
Ride a camel in the desert
♡ Take a vacation on a cruise
Find and get my dream job
♡ Finish maths
Buy a Akita or Shiba Inu
♡ Skydiving (...........)
Have a Lotr marathon
♡ Visit Sicilia
Go to Paris and take a picture at night
♡ Swim at the great barrier reef

animal animal

Go on interrail
♡ Backpacking in Asia with my boyfriend
Travel to Japan!
♡ Move to another country for a year or so
Get a ragdoll cat
♡ Go to all seven wonders
Visit a foreign country with my best friend
♡ Get my first car
Learn italian
♡ Learn fluently german
Safari in Africa
♡ Visit all seven continents
Go behind a waterfall
♡ See some of the most famous and original artworks in the world (such as Mona Lisa)
♡ Go to a drive in cinema

amazing cherry blossom

Go to disneyland
♡ Visit the christmas marked in Berlin
Visit the christmas marked in London
♡ Have a spa day in Budapest
Jump in a pile of leaves
♡ Perform in front over 50 people
Go demonstrate for animal rights
♡ Join a political party
Build a tree house

Superthumb castle

♡ Visit the kromlau bridge in Germany
Go to USA
♡ Take a paris wheel
Meet Eminem
♡ Go on a picnic
Reunite with my american friend
♡ Be audience at the Eurovision Song Contest
Explore a cave
♡ Hold a monkey
♡ _Go + sing at a karaoke bar

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Will be updated frequently
hope you'll be inspired by this