I don't have a lot of money to spend on clothes and i really like fashion and following trends, so if you are like me I think you would like this tips or trends you can folllow that are really basic things that you should have on your wardrobe or, if you don't have you can be them without spending that much.

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1. BAND T-SHIRTS/ T-SHIRTS WITH COOL PHRASES It's killing it. Pure street style. Simple but effective, if you find that chic t-shirt you got it. And because a t-shirt is really simple you can wear it with anything.
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2.CUTE BRAS This is a really basic thing but if you wear them with a V neck shirt o sweater it can make you look more fancy
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3.HIGH WAISTED SKIRTS Long or short, it doen't matter, I promise you that are perfect. The more original they are, the coolest the outfit will be, PERSONAL RECOMENADTION: vintage skirts will save your outfit, even your mom's old ones or at the thrift shop. You can were them more casual or more fancy.
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4.FULL COLOR/PRINT OUTFIT It can seem really scary at first , cause you think you are going to attract attention or maybe look ridiculous but when you catch it, you can popp it.
All these pictures are from my fashion collection, if you like them you can go and watch it: