So to all you beautiful people out there, this is why you should be yourself and how this gets easier.

Acting makes you unhappy
I already talked about this point in my article on how to be happy ( but since it is decisive for this topic I have to explain it again.
I do understand why people act different when they are with different people. It is in our nature that we want to be liked by others and it is okay e.g. to be extra nice in special situations. But if you try to find friends, not being yourself it will be simply depressing. You will constantly know that these people don’t like the real you. Maybe they would, but like this they don’t. That won’t fulfil your life in long term, trust me.

It is so much easier
Not only is acting not practical but also it is really exhausting. You shouldn’t put so much effort in something this senseless but in other things like school, work or whatever you love doing.
Find your passion and put your strength in that.

You are loved
There are people who like you, others aren’t worth it.
It is simply a fact that nobody is liked by everyone and that’s not bad at all. Some people have more friends than others are a bigger family but you are loved by some people in this world for what you really are, may it be a huge or smaller group of them, that doesn’t matter. So don’t spend time on trying to make others like you when they just don’t but spend time with the ones who do.

What do you like about yourself
Maybe it is a special ability or your smile, your eyes, whatever it is write it down. Think of as many things as you can. You can always add new points to that list. Keep it as a nice reminder for yourself why you can be proud of yourself.

Collect compliments
Sounds kinda stupid but it actually can help. Whenever you get a compliment from anyone, no matter how small it is, write it down. You can collect them in a jar or in a journal.
So when there is a point in your life when you think there’s nothing great or special about you read through them and remember that people appreciate who you are.
There is no better confident boost.

Well, I hope I can help you with some of these points. Just be yourself.