Depression, anorexia, eating disorders, stress, bullying, rejection, and the list is endless. Unfortunately, there isn’t a person, who doesn’t have problems. Even those, who have a fortune, can’t buy feelings, yet the ones with no money can’t fend for themselves. So I ask then, why should we hide our problems or emotions? Why can’t we talk about them when we all suffer? Nobody has to be alone with their demons. They hide deep in all of us.

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Hiding feelings is the worst anyone can do, for the reason that small things add up then explode. Nobody should end up committing suicide for something we all understand and something that can be cured. I believe that realizing when one needs help does not depend on intelligence or money. It depends on people. Us. However, on the other side, help should also be accepted in order to be healed. Trust me, you are more powerful than you can ever imagine. You just need to realize and say your problems out loud as soon as you can. Everything depends on your attitude.

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Why should You be the one to give up? Why can’t you break down the walls to scream? Find your own voice, your own power and will. It doesn’t matter what happens, just stay as strong as you can, hold on to yourself. Hold on to the things you have accomplished so far, I am 100% sure you have a myriad of things to be proud of. Huh? Did you say no? Then go ahead, take a pen and a piece of paper, then start writing down what you’re proud of. What you like about yourself, something that you’re grateful for. Don’t let those damn demons take over control. They are not real. It’s only your psyche. It sets your limits, yet you must be strong to get over those damn walls.

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If I asked you, how many of you would dare to say their problems out loud? How many of you wouldn’t find it humiliating, sad or the worst? I understand, that you don’t want others to know what’s going on inside you, but you only hurt yourself. You should not care about society’s idea of anything. You are unique. Being a warrior is not weakness, nor a bad reputation. Stand out for who you are. You are not alone. I have my own problems too, yet I am proud of how I handle it. I don’t try to hide it, I am proud of me fighting with my demons. So should be you.

I’d be more than happy to see how many warriors are there in the world, how many of us is brave enough to take the risk. In fact, if you don’t hide your problems, people will help you, for the same reason – they know the struggle. Just make sure you know you are not suffering alone.

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Send me a postcard with #iamawarrior if you are/were in the same shoes so that I will know that I am not fighting alone. It would be nice to have a community like that.

Martina Teilinger