The reason why we all like to write motivational texts or just motivate ourselves and others is because we need it. So I wrote a few articles about what motivates me in order to help others. It's nothing new, but something as a reminder because we all know what's good and what's bad, but sometimes we forget about them and take up bad habits.

So, if you were me, or if I was you, either way, we should have a little motivational daily routine which will remind us that we aren't immortal, but that we live a life whose end is unexpected for each of us.

Start a day with a song that first pops into your mind and stretch a bit to wake up faster.

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Drink two glasses of water in an hour and then have breakfast.

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Every negative thought you have, ignore it! Don't let anything ruin your day, cause each day is important.

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If you get bored at school, at faculty or at work, don't let it ruin your vibe. Put your headphones or daydream if necessary. Be childish!

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Each day makes us busy, so we forget to think about people we love. Always think about them! Think about yourself too. You can always do what you love for a few minutes each day. I love to sketch for example.

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Eat healthy as much as you can and workout! You can find motivation in seeing your own progress or by watching your role model, whoever that may be.

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Try to organize your time if you see yourself wasting your time and procrastinating. Don't spend too much time on your phone or laptop. Let your brain be busy and active. We just get lazy if we spend too much time with technology.

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At the end of the day you can write or just think about your day for a while. Recap what you could have done more and what you could have done less. You don't need help from others constantly, You can be your own life coach!

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That should be enough for each day. We make mistakes and learn from them. What's more important we live our life which includes others too. So always think about you but don't neglect others, sometimes by helping others we help ourselves. Be kind and find happiness where you want to find it.

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