Hi there!
Going to University is hard, but, in the mean time, is one of the most exciting and magic moment of you're life, one of those wich you'll remember for the rest of your life of course..
I'm writing this article because I want to tell you my own experience and because I love reading articles like that.
So, let's start.
I'm an Italian girl, and during the last year of high school I was really undecided about the choice of the University.. Go abroad? Rest in Italy? I honestly didn't know what to do..
I was sure about the subject (Communication Science) and in the first time I wanted to go to study in Amsterdam, so I did all the applications for this school and I've been accepted, which I did not think possible!
But soon I've understood that it was really hard to go to University in another country, especially because of the HOUSE. Find an house in Amsterdam is really really really HARD, and if you find something is really too expensive.
For this reason I had to renounce to study abroad.. and this have been really difficult for me..
After all this adventures I decided to study in one of the most beautiful city we have in Italy.. I'm talking about BOLOGNA. I'm very happy of my choice, it's been really difficult to find an house also in Bologna but I made it, and now I'm really excited for my new life.
I still have the dream to study abroad but I've decided to postpone it in a few years, for the master..
So, this is my story and I hope you'll enjoy reading that.
Sorry for my English, promise to improve that!
Kisses from Bologna!