Introducing Myelf!
Hello! This is my first article and I wanted to show who I am.. But first:
I found WHI a few years ago. I feel love with this community,because WHI is perfect for me. When I’m here I feel happy and inspired.,but in life… I have a lot of problem.. WHI you’re my HERO. So let’s start!
Now I live my teenager years.
-Color: Claret,Red and Black
-Animal: Bat,Cat and Bear Btw i have a Parrot and a Cat :3

beautiful, eyes, and cat image

-Food: Pasta
-Film:Titanic,The Heat
-Book: Kisértés Rt.(From a Hungarian writer)
-Writing storys
-Taking pictures
-Watching Anime
-Playing Games(if i have time)
-Listening to music

manga, anime, and book image

Omg,i have a lot of favourite Anime :333
-Boruto the next generations
-Diabolik Lovers
-Super lovers
-Sekai ichi hatsukoi
-Junjou Romantica
-Yuri on Ice
etc... But if you want see more visit my page. ;)

So if you read it,thank you :) Have a nice day!