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My favorite characters have always been Zoe Rivas and Miles Hollingsworth.

I even liked it when they met.

They both have a similar story because of the family.

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Eric Osborne has done a great job. He played different Miles.

He was also a womanizer, he had problems with his father, who beat him, he was a drug addict and even bi.

I hope that in the future, he will have many interesting roles.

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The relationship between Miles and Esme might be dangerous, if he continued to meet with her, they would become a dangerous couple.

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 Zoe in the beginning was a typical, self-assured queen of the school.

But during the seasons, it was more and more revealed. Zoe was deeper than it showed on the surface.

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I really like Lola Pacini.

She is such an unusual, bright sun.

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I liked the relationship between Lola and Miles, if everything was sexy with Zoe, then Lola was cute.

Lola was not just a girl with whom Miles was kissing, and later asleep, she was not just a friend of her younger sister and not just a girl who got pregnant with Miles and had an abortion, and hope, she became the hope of Miles.

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If the series continues, then I will look purely because of Lola. I will miss those characters who have been released, in particular by Miles and Zoe.