Ryan Murphy posted a picture of an AHS theory that each of the season represents the nine circles of hell. Here’s what I think why each of the season is represented by each circle of hell of hell. By this is my opinion I’m not saying I’m right.

1. Murder house: Limbo- when a person dies in a murder house they are stuck forever, they are forbidden to enter heaven or hell. It seems like each character were non-Christians or unbaptised pagans since they are never allowed to leave the house unless Halloween and is stuck their forever. The cycle continues when a family moves in.
Other historical figures would stuck in limbo are: Homer, Socrates, Aristotle, Cicero, Hippocrates and Julius Ceaser.

2. Asylum: Fraud- in this circle of hell, Dante kind of goes on a trip, it is divided into 10 bolgias. In Bolgia one, Dante sees Panderers (Lana Winters) and Seducer (Sister Jude), in bolgia 2 he finds flatters (Arthur Arden), In bolgia 3 he sees those who are guilty of Simony (Timothy Howard), In bolgia 4 he finds sorcerers and false prophets (Timothy Howard), in bolgia 5 are House corrupt politicians (Arthur Arden), in bolgia 6 are hypocrites and in the remaining 4 ditches. Hypocrites and thieves(bolgia 7, Sister Jude), evil counsellors and advisers (bolgia 8,Sister Mary Eunice), divise individuals (bolgia 9, Dr Oliver Thredsen) and various falsifiers such as alchemist (Arthur Arden), perjurer (Kit Walker) and counterfeits (Oliver Thredsen).

3. Coven: Treachery- the definition of Treachery is betrayal like when Queenie left The coven to joined Marie Laveau. Hank Foxx betrayal towards Cordelia by breaking their wedding vows. Fiona Goode betraying Cordelia by not telling her what happened to Mrytle Snow. Each of the witches all want to the same to become the supreme so some of them did whatever it takes even that means betrays the ones close to them.
4. Freak show: Greed- the freaks want to be accepted by society, Elsa Mars wants to be a star and Dandy Mott wants to be accepted as a freak.

5. Hotel: Gluttony- Gluttony involves hunger and most characters represents that in their own way. The countess hunger is sex, blood and feel need to love, James March hunger is killing and wanting to finish the Ten Commandments, Sally McKenna hunger is to feel love and not to alone, Iris hunger is to be accepted her son Donovan and John Lowes hunger could’ve been finding the killer than finishing the Ten Commandments for Mr March.

Roanoke is Anger and Cult is Heresy but I haven’t watch those seasons yet. There are other two circles of hell called Lust and Violence so it’s possible that Ryan Murphy is saying there are two more seasons after cult.