So I read an article, that these Christian parents took their boy out of school, because they heard a transgender was a tranfering to the school. When I heard this I was thinking “this is the most bullshit reason to take your kids out of school”. There are many reasons on why you should take your kid out of school, but this thing that these Christian parents have done is not one of them.

1. Bullying- if your child is bullied everyday at school, lock themselves or get a bruise eye when they come home. At first they don’t saying anything, but when they do than make sure you fucking listen to them and if you turn the other cheek on them or forced them to still go to school saying that isn’t that bad than you don’t know the shit that happens in school.
2. Pedophiles- there could be a teacher (male or female) who has a lust for underage and their target is your kid, than you better listen to them when they decide to tell you, but don’t say that they want attention, because there are signs if a kid has been molested, which are: coming home with bruises, nightmares and sleeping problems, sudden mood swings: rage, fear, insecurity or withdrawal, suddenly has money, toys or other gifts without reason etc. if they show these signs in life than I suggest you take them out of school and file a report on the teacher and if the court doesn’t do anything about the situation than they are assholes.

Two of these reasons may involved the death of Suicide. So if your child kills themselves because you thought that they were doing it for attention or you decide to turn the other cheek and don’t listen to a single word they said, than you’re one of the reasons on why they decide to end their life.
These are the few reasons to take a kid out of school, but when you hear transgender coming to the school isn’t. The parents also said that the child needed to be taken aside somewhere private, so what, are they saying that trans children don’t derseve to be with the population of the school.
Number one, fuck the population and number two if your still living in the 1800s or the 1960s than get the fuck out because it’s 2017 and if you don’t like that the world is changing by accepting gay marriage, allowing a transgender enter schools than to bad so sad because you gonna have to live with it.