This article is to inspire all you great, kind and amazing people out there!

In our world today there is so much focus on being "perfect", being "pretty", being "smart" and being "right". You see it everywhere. It's on social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. People don't always think about how it affects them, but I'm sure it does.

I know it affects me. When I scroll down my Instagram I think: "Oh, everybody is so happy, pretty, sweet, succesful, healthy, etc. Why don't I have a life that perfect and complete?

But the social media pictures lie. People only show the best in their lives, and they can arrange everything in a picture so that it looks perfect. A picture is not the truth about their whole life, it's just a picture.

Also in society we see the same expectation of being perfect and correct. People need to be well educated, have high paid jobs where they are so stressed they feel like crap, having perfect families with perfect children and being a perfect mom or dad. They need to work so much because they need to afford a huge house, and two cars, and pay for vacations, clothes, etc.

And by saying that I do not say that education is not important or that it's bad to have a high paid job with a lot of responsibility. Education and school is super important! It's a great and admirable thing to be well educated! It's always amazing too see people fight for a education and career they really want and which they are so passionate about. But remember that there are other things in life too.

And also... the worst thing in the world you can do is compare yourself to one another. You are you. You will never be anybody else than you. So it's time that you start appreciating who you are, and say nice things to yourself. Because you are nice, you are pretty, you are amazing. Because you are you.

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Everybody is an individual. An original. You were not born to fit into this world like a perfect box in a dresser. And you were not born to be perfect, you were born to be real.

So here are some tips for feeling better, when you feel your life is not as great, and that others have a much better life:

1. Stop the comparison. I no it's not easy, but really, just stop. See the good things in yourself. You are pretty inside and out.

2. At the end of each day write three positive and good things down in a little notebook. You could write "Good things that happend today" or "Things I'm grateful for" at the top of your list. It does not have to be something big. Maybe you're grateful because the sun did shine today, maybe you're grateful for that your sister called you, etc.

3. Shut down social medias for a while. Try to shut down all your social media for like three days and see what happens. First you might feel empty and disconnected to the world, but afterwards you will start feeling like you're living more, because you are right here in life, right in the moment. In the now. Because all there is, is now. You can't live in the past or in the future, and by that it does not mean that you don't need to learn from the past or think about the future, just not all the time. Sometimes you have to live in the moment, to be really happy.

4. Be healthy. In a healthy common sense way. You don't have to skip chocolate for the rest of your life og run everyday. Adapt good healthy habbits like getting 8 hours of sleep every night, eating at least some vegetables and fruit everyday, and talk positively to yourself. Health is both physical and mental.

5. Invite friends over to have fun. Play games, yes real oldschool games, not the computer ones. Try to get everyone envolved. If you invite someone try to invite new people and let others invite their friends too. So many people in this world feels to lonely and disconnected from other people, and it's so sad, so at least we can try to do something about it.

6. At last. Remember you are enough, always. You were born enough, and you are still enough. It will never change. All people have hard times in life, and not everything can be oh so perfect and rosy. Be you, and everything will work out in the end.

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