In my native language, Chai means Tea. For the purpose of smoothness of speech, I will just be using the word Coffee to refer to both Tea and Coffee. However, I personally believe them to be synonymous to Love.
For a Coffee enthusiast like me, it is more than just a beverage. It is the name of an emotion, a therapist, a drug of choice and a way of life. And I’m not even exaggerating.
Here are a few of the many reasons why 1.4 Billion Cups of Coffee are poured around the World everyday:

The Taste/Aroma

With a taste so strong and an aroma so captivating, how can one simply resist this pure bliss?

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You can almost sniff the real goodness here

Simple To Make

Whether using a coffee machine or a kettle, it literally takes about 3 steps and 2-10 minutes (depending on the type) to prepare it and serve your Coffee Craving aka Talab.

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Your Boost For The Day

Tends to turn a Sluggish Morning Zombie in to a Conscious Living Human Being and gives you just the boost you need to tolerate morons throughout the day.

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Your Exam Night Stimulant

Rely on a good old cup of Strong Coffee to keep you awake during the night while you prepare the test or assignment that is due the next day. Doesn't the procrastinator in you just love that?

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Your Therapist

Feeling stressed? Have a some Coffee. It's not just a placebo effect. The Caffeine in it tends to act directly on the reward centers of your brain, making you feel genuinely happy in this incredibly shitty life.

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A Warm Hug

There is nothing cozier than a cup of Hot Coffee in the chilly Fall or Winter seasons.

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A Cool Buddy

Feeling the heat of the hot Summer days? Iced Latte to the rescue!

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A Drug Without The Hazards

Who needs alcohol, cigar, weed or any other addictive when you can get the same High feeling with a good cup of Coffee without the health hazards? Caffeine, you da man!

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Oh how can we end a Coffee related post without mentioning this? Not even a Non-Coffee person can deny the fact that it is one of the most Aesthetically Pleasing entities to serve these bland human eyes.

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BONUS: Overnight Fame (The Story of Arshad Chai Wala)

A local Tea-Seller aka Chai Wala from Pakistan rose to overnight fame after his picture, that was taken while making tea by an aspiring photographer, went viral on the internet. Soon enough, International media picked the news and he even got featured on BBC and The Telegraph. He now works as a Famous Model and his career in the industry is just building up.

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Arshad Khan: The Hot Chai Wala

Oh Coffee! What can't thou do?
Tussi Great Ho!

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