Hey guys,
I decided to write down my own bucket list. I will not write down everything I wanna do, because it would be to much.
So let's start:

1. write a book
2. jump on a water trampolin
3. visit the doors to hell in Turkmenistan
4. visit the giant Buddah lesha in China

Image by муѕтєяу♡ agua, verano, and salta image asia, dreams, and inferno image beautiful, holiday, and nature image

5. visit glowworm caves in New Zealand
6. drive on the Atlantic Ocean Road
7. visit the Colosseum
8. have a walk-in closet

cave, light, and new zealand image norway, road, and ocean image rome, italy, and travel image closet, clothes, and shoes image

9. set foot on all 7 continents
10. visit the sea of stars in Maldives
11. walk on the Great Wall of China
12. visit the Tunnle of Love

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13. try water rafting
14. go skydiving
15. try kickboxing
16. play laser tag

adventure, agua, and water image friends, sky, and fly image fitness, girl, and workout image barney, game, and laser image

17. go Bunjee Jumping
18. go on the skydeck in Chicago
19. fly with a hot-air balloon
20. see the polar lights

amazing, freedom, and fun image adidas, adventure, and blue image Abusive image beauty, mistery, and polar image

21. throw a dart on a map and travel wherever it lands on
22. send my parents to their dream trip
23. make a one week trip on a horse
24. get my own dog

dart, free, and go image Image removed horse and riding image dog, puppy, and animal image

25. get my own horse
26. get the phone I love
27. study at University of Chicago
28. get tickets for a James Cordan show

horse, equestrian, and black horse image nails, iphone, and black image chicago, hospital, and university image cameron, Dallas, and james image

29. get my own apartment
30. get my driver license
31. visit USA, Australia, Hawaii and Canada
32. go to an American Football game

sliding door and modern apartment image patrick star, patrick, and spongebob image Image by sapphira189 florida, football, and gators image

33. play "hide and seek" in Ikea
34. play messy twister
35. get in a taxi and yell "follow the car"
36. have friends from all over the world

fashion, girls, and ikea image friends, fun, and summer image new york, city, and photography image blackpink, lisa, and rose image

37. go on a Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez concert
38. make an exchange year
39. get a blog
40. sleep in an underwater hotel

ariana grande, ariana, and charlottesville image alumni, phrases, and intercambio image decorating, stickers, and tombow image fish, bed, and bedroom image

41. live in another country
42. make a Safari tour
43. donate money for charity
44. write on the "Before I die" wall in New Orleans

room, bedroom, and world image ranthambore jeep safari image charity, water, and hands4others image Image by christine_schwiek

45. learn how to surf
46. swim with dolphins
47. fly in a helicopter over NewYork
48. visit the Hollywood sign

summer, beach, and surf image dolphin, summer, and ocean image cars, downtown, and helicopter image hollywood image

49. get VIP tickets for a concert
50. go to Coachella
51. visit the wizarding world of Harry Potter
52. visit Universal Studios

revival, selena gomez, and tickets image coachella, girl, and friends image hogwarts, harry potter, and castle image universal, photography, and quality image

53. find my true love
54. have my dream wedding
55. get childrens
56. be the best mother I can

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57. buy a house at the beach
58. visit all 50 states
59. go to a masquerade ball

beach, beach house, and ocean image travel, map, and world image ball, invitation, and classy image

These aren't all of the things I wanna do, but the most important things on my bucket list are:

60. be happy
61. enjoy every moment
62. be who you are
63. do the things you always wanted to do

So that was something from my bucket list. I hope you like it. See you soon.