They are a part of your life but wasn't there /
In that four-cornered white room was when they saw you first innocent and bare/
At the back of the over lapsing memories you remembered you were happy/
Yes, you were supposed to be but what was left is a catastrophe/
You can see the cracks beneath the invincible fault/
Yet you cannot forced something to be back to stop things to haul/
In bold letters of the scrabbling penmanship the FAMILY word faded/
Too early to be forgotten before you worked things and could've made it/

What was too much to ask?/
Is a little girl not entitled to her dream to gradually grow with beautiful eccentric memories but just to bitterly grow up so fast?/
The stitches in our life if mend by hand would take unseen afterlife to heal/
That the frigid emotion you inflict devours their emotional state and leave them nothingness to feel/

When they are young seeking for your attention tell me why did u give them none?/
But when they get through the phase of the feels of being rejected unwanted you'd call them endearments like "hun"?/
A child would say "embrace me mother, for I feel no love"/
A child would say " protect me father, for I feel so small"/
A child would say " forget it mother, forget it father, for I am strong."/

That child went mayhem through the seasons of winter and fall/
Obliterating their weakness for there was no one when they call/
Revulsion consumes their heart to every beat of seconds the battle of life is everday/
Thinking someday,maybe someday, u would notice them not because of the things they made u believe were flaws but because u just wanted to know if they are ok/
In millions of ppl we're marriage is inevitably to end but has still to continue for the sake of the children/
Where kids were trying their damn best but couldn't express it so well because they also need to be helped /

Maybe I am one, maybe I am not/
But I am still trusting on the paradigm of the stars wherein my fate wasn't sealed with the label of the word "broken" on the
The picture in our life circumstances wasn't always the same/
Just trust on the hands of the time and by then u can tell that u are ok/
Not bid goodbye to mother nor to father/
When you can show affection to strangers that was labeled as different other/
In somehow and in someways, it's just gonna happen
Someday it will, someday it'll happen
Maybe it will/
Maybe you were just waiting for my death
But whatever it is, my dear family, i am glad that i could write the miseries that I've felt