It all started when I was 14 turning 15. My best friend Lana and I were hanging out just like normal when one of our boy friend (let's call him Harry) called her to hang out with him and one of his friends.
So we went over and I met Harrys friend Henry. He was kind of keeping to himself but he was nice. We hung out for the night and made plans to go swimming the next day with the whole group.
Where I live there's a sprots base that has a ski resort in the winter and a pool in summer with a hot-tub. It's only a short bus ride away so that's where we decided to go. Me and Lana went first with the bus and boys decided to come by bikes.
Lana and I got there first, bought our tickets and found a spot for us to chill by the pool and wait for the boys. We laid down our towels and decided to tan until the boys got there.
Finally we saw that the boys had made it to the poolside and we decided to wait and see how long it would take them to find us. We laid low and waited quietly soon we couldn't see them and we thought they had lost us but just then we heard Harry laughing his weird SpongeBob laughter on the other side of the pool.
They finally got over to us and we greeted each other with hugs. We talked for a little bit and then decided to see how the water was. I went over to the edge of the pool with Henry and he suddenly picked me up and just threw me into the cold water, jumping after me a second later. Harry saw that and immediately did the same to Lana. We were a little bit mad at the boys but started laughing and splashing water at each other soon.
A little while later we got a little hungry so we decided to get some food from the food truck that stood right by the pool. We decided to get savory pancakes with cheese, ham and sour cream. Probably sounds gross but it's actually pretty good. I threw some sour cream at Harry with my fork and it landed on his shoulder.
He got fake mad and started chasing after me to get his so called revenge. We ran around for a while and since I'm not faster than him he started to catch up to me quickly. Henry and Lana started running after us too so I just jumped in the pool while the rest of them followed.
Later we all started to get cold and tired so we decided to go to the hot tub.
We chatted and laughed for a while. I was sitting next to Henry and Lana was sitting across from me, next to Harry. Henry starts getting closer to me. We were sitting in water so our arms and legs were under water. I felt something touch my hand underwater so I pulled my hand away but right after that I realized that it was Henry's hand and he took my hand in his to hold it. He put his other hand around me and took my other hand also to hold it. We were in the middle of a conversation when Henry stopped everyone from talking and told everyone to raise their hands out of the water. I thought he was going to let my hands go but instead he held my hands tighter and raised them out of the water. At the same time Harry and Lana also raised their hands out of the water and they were holding hands the same way we were. It was really cute and sweet, Lana and I both started blushing and laughing.
After like an hour of sitting and chatting in the hot tub it was time to leave. We dried ourselves off and got dressed and the boys sent us back to the bus stop and they both kissed our cheek. (just to be clear, Harry kissed Lana on the cheek and Henry kissed me)
This was the start for my first summer fling.
I will post the story of the fling next time.
Also if you really made it to the end, you're a true trooper.

In the meantime, keep breathing.
Moonchild out