Melanie Adele Martinez is an american singer. She was born on 28 april 1995 (22 years).

I'm making this article because i think she don't have the recognition that deserve.
I love her for many reasons and i'm going to tell you some...

1.Melanie cares about everthing she make. In music especially, she prefers release a videoclip after a long time and be perfect than release one only for money. But in products too in her perfume she didn't make a simple perfume like others singers, you can see her in it (cry baby even more).

2. Cry Baby a perfect character. Cry Baby is a girl who has "her heart bigger than her body"- (music "cry baby"). In her fisrt album call "cry baby" she tells a story about that girl, her family, her friends etc.

3. Music. Her music is a criticism of society and very weel done.Some examples:
*Dollhouse- Not every family who seems to be perfect are. All families have their problems.
*Mrs. potato head- My favorite music, "is it true that pain is beauty?", the music explains that you don't have to make plastics surgery to be perfect. You are perfect just the way you are.

I think that now she is starting to get more recognition but she deserves even more so if you don't know her please go check it out.

(ps. english is not my first language so if you found some mistake, i'm really sorry)