Day 5. Write a short story.

jenny's legs were dangling off the edge as she was sobbing and hugging her only friend, bottle of gin.

she wanted to slit her wrist again be gone gone gone from this world

she wanted to put a bullet in her head and be gone gone gone from this world

she got too far, it has been going for way too long, and it is how it ends.

she was sitting on the edge of her bed with her two best friend, once a bottle of pills and bottle gin.

she dropped the pills on the bed, she walked towards the bathroom and closed the bathroom door.

her sobs were ringing in the bathroom, she opened the drawer next to her and she took the blade out of the drawer.

jenny held the knife close to her wrist as her tears started to pour down her face

she decided to finally end it, end all of her misery and pain.

she waited for this way too long, she even sharpened the knife because she didn't wanna miss the opportunity

she heard the sirens off in the distant, she knew what it was, her mother had found the letter and she had called the cops.

she hurriedly gripped the blade, she wanted to do this quick because the police had come, she started slicing her wrist slowly and steady, the pain was unbearable but it wasn't pain for her, it was the relief of her freedom from this hell.

she had bought a dress before in her life, But when you go to meet God, you know you wanna look nice.

"so if i survive I'll see you tomorrow" she whispered quietly to herself as she lied on the floor, waiting for her body to bled out.

she thought about what would her mother would felt if she saw her dead body laying on bathroom floor while her blood was everywhere.

she stopped sobbing and closed her eyes, she started to feel sleepy, she knew what it was and for once in her life she felt peace

bathroom's door burst open was the last thing she heard before blacking out.


i got inspiration for this short story through a song, bullet - hollywood undead.

Day 5. Write a short story.
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