For those of you who are new to BBT; Excuse the potty mouth. To those who have been here for a while, WELCOME BACK YA'LL!!

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My life has been on autopilot for the last few months. From my work to my business, I've been doing without thinking. I've been releasing content, but my mind is only halfway here. This is most likely a result of constant anticipation throughout every aspect of my life as a whole. I've been having difficulties staying in the present moment as I should. To help that (to every problem, there's a girl boss solution OKAYYYY), I've been meditating more often and becoming more mindful as of late.

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Today, I had the most shocking revelation.

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I have been so focused on my career and future plans that I hadn't paid attention to my growth...

I think that this moment is crucial to share because I don't want any of you beauties assuming that I'm this perfect human. We all screw up. We are all flawed. And that's okay.

Nonetheless, I had been designing, dedicating my time, going harder, feeling like I need to do more, only to miss the most important aspect: PROGRESS.

It's so wild how my mind was everywhere but where it needed to be. As I sat down today with the intention of reflection, I whispered to myself, "Holy shit, I'm growing!"

It occured to me that I'm doing what I said I would. I'm living the way I said I would, doing what I always wanted to. I have the chance to inspire beautiful hard working women with this blog. I'm practicing what I preach, and come to you all in total honesty when I feel as if I've even slightly strayed from my ideals. I had been clouded with self doubt for a day or two, searching for reassurance from my friends.

I must've forgotten that the universe always delivers what we ask for, even if it's in a form we don't expect. I got my reassurance. Funny thing is, I got it from myself. That's what really matters.

Just thought I'd share something personal with you all!

Girl Boss Elle