Because I'm bored, I'm writing this to entertain myself. Here are 50 things you can do if you have a boring life like me and have nothing better to do.

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1) Go through old photo albums / baby photos
2) Print some pictures and sick them on your wall
3) Make a DIY project
4) Write a song about how boring your life is
5) Write a poem
6) Look for jobs on your phone
7) Make a collage (there is a great app called piccollage where you can make your own collages and post them for others to see, comment and like).
8) Draw and hang it up on your wall
9) Memories and sing your favourite song
10) Look for new songs
11) Make dinner or breakfast on your own
12) Make a bucket list
13) Make a photo album
14) Write an article
15) Watch Netflix
16) Clean your room to the fullest
17) Organise your closet
18) Take a bubble bath
19) Paint your nails
20) Apply make up just for fun
21) Start your own blog
22) Have a picnic
23) Go to the park
24) Dance to music you really like
25) Read a book
26) Write down your opinion on 13 reasons why
27) Watch murder documentary and write all the main details
28) Go to the library
29) Buy a plant and research tips on it
30) Ride a bike or walk while your favourite album is playing
31) Go flower picking
32) Make jewellery with the objects you already have
33) Make a flower crown
34) Decorate your bedroom wall
34) Fix up your garden
35) Make dessert
36) Write down your opinion on Donald Trump
37) Research different types of diets
38) Learn an instrument
39) Make your own story plot
40) Go and thrift shop
41) Write a letter to open in ten years
42) Workout
43) Sew or knit
43) Make up characters
44) Give yourself a makeover
45) Learn a new language
46) Daydream
47) Surprise your mum by cleaning the whole house
48) Do some celebrity impressions
49) Make up some of your own pick up lines
50) Prank one of your friends