day 2) five problems with social media

No matter how much I love this social network with endless possibilities it's not hard to admit that it comes with some baggage. My most personal issue with social media is I find it to be a (1) MAJOR distraction. Whether I am trying to get my homework done, clean my room, do chores, or spend time just trying to live in the moment it's constantly there begging me to give it attention. Another more personal reason and it kind of relates/ narrows in on my last point is I believe social media (2) Prevents us from living in the present. We are so focused on our phones and keeping up with the latest news / fashion / info (whatever you're into) that we don't take enough time to cherish the real life moments we are living. We are also functioning through always trying to find our next "insta worthy" pic for the approval of our peers and it saddens me because I know I'm so sucked into this as well. 2 things that are less personal but still have major affects on my generation, I think, are (3) Unrealistic standards of beauty, lifestyles, etc on everyone. What I mean by this and I'll try and make it short/ sweet is that we are all sucked into believing that what social media portrays as beautiful is the only thing that is acceptably beautiful. and lastly (4) the disturbingly unlimited amount of access to pornography that the internet gives us :( I am not going to spit out facts or drop statistics cause i'm tired af right now and don't want to explain my reasoning but this is just MY OPINION (on all of these points) so don't anyone get butthurt. But I believe that pornography is addictive and also sets unrealistic standards (especially to females) and the industry around pornography is extremely corrupt. #pornisnotlove.

So I could only think of four problems that really bother me oops but also just like I said before these are just my opinions. I can provide facts and could talk forever about these highly controversially topics so like message me if you love a good debate or want more info about this stuff! Knowledge is power, loves! goodnight