"your smell and smile could make even the strongest fall to their knees,"
- connor franta

day one: introduce yourself

well, hello there! my name is abril, which can be pronounced any way you want. i don't care whether its uh-bril, aye-bril, april, aye-breel, ah-bril, whatever makes your heart happy dude. my only pet peeve with my name is spelling, it's only 5 letters, please get them right.

anyways, i would go into detail about what grade i'm in and how old i am, but the internet is when i don't have to worry about people knowing any of that. anyways, there's kind of a lot to me so let's get started.

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some things i enjoy↓


justin bieber, bieber, and justin image gone, jack and jack, and jack johnson image ariana grande, ariana, and arianagrande image halsey image logic and rapper image blackbear and digital druglord image the nbhd, the neighbourhood, and band image billie, parking, and stop image

music is my escape, my getaway, my happiness. although these aren't all of my favorite artists, they're the top of the top in my heart, or i have just recently started listening to them. music is the cure to all pain and sadness for me.


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books mean a lot to me, they've helped me get through tough times and they just bring joy to my tiny little heart

*movies & tv

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as much as i hate to admit, i do spend a lot of time online watching movies and tv shows, can you blame me?

anyways i now believe we are the end, but just for fun:

- my favorite color is maroon
- i love dogs
- i spend too much time on youtube
- i live for christmas
- i love the beach
- i need coffee to function

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well that's enough for tonight, see you tomorrow! thank you for your time

xoxo - abril